VideoDental, Inc

About Us

VDC began trading as a Dental Imaging Equipment Developer, Manufacturer, and Distributor in 1989. It’s no reach to say that we’ve introduced some of the most important innovations in dental imaging: OVS, 1989, first affordable Intraoral Camera; Sens-A-Ray 1991, second Dental Sensor to Trophy (now Carestream) but ahead of Dexis, Schick, etc.. VDC is known as a Direct Source of Affordable and Innovative Imaging Products for dental professionals who like to deal with the source. This is what sets us apart – Outstanding products, better prices and personalized service that stands out in a crowd. Video Dental Concepts has earned your trust on-line and ships daily all over the world.


We are here to deliver first to the dental practices

We have helped


Specialized Dental Labs in 36 states

We have helped


Dental Practices and specialists


We do it for the greater good of the society

We strongly believe that all should have access to dental care. The easier and cheaper it is for dentists to obtain the high-tech tools they need, the more affordable it will be for consumers to receive modern care. We formed Video Dental Concepts in 1989 to help practices all over the world share with patients their Oral Health. Save practices money is exactly what we have been doing for the past 30+ years introducing and pioneering new products with leading innovation.

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